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Mommie tax- money that economist figure women lose over life time. At least million dollars. Maternal wall- when women leave job, often can’t come back, or their coworkers are getting more pay than before. Resolutions-1. Paid leave. 2. Childcare or some kind of support for childcare. 3. Wage guarantee(enforce equal pay act) 7. 1. People weren’t paid for their overtime. 2. Purposefully understaffed. 3. Relied on gov aid. 4. Employess were encouraged to put money back into the company by shopping in walmart. 5. Managers
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Unformatted text preview: changed the hours workers work. Their real hours were not recorded. Reduced wages that way. 6.redefined full time worker. Corporate subsidies 1. walmart outsourced work to other country, Dominican republic, china, where labor was much cheaper. 2. City provided money for infrastructure for the promise that walmart will provide service to community by giving people jobs and stuff. People could not unionize. 3. Rely on gov prog for medicare, food stamps...
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