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. According to Barbara Ehrenreich-Van as a house. “Diet” and eat less. Rents are higher. People who work full time do not earn enough to keep their families out of poverty because of the poverty-level wages. Nature of work is that people are poor even if they are working full time. Myths about poor:1. People can overcome poverty by working hard enough. Fact:working hard enough doesn’t help. 2. Welfare and food stamps-once they are on it, they rely on it for eternity. Fact: not that
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Unformatted text preview: long, usually no more than 5 years. Optimistic trends: democratization of population-everyone is able to live freely and not crashed down by capital, more power. 2.worldwide there’s empowerment for women 3. Reducing birth rates, less mouth to be fed, more family can save....
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