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1. After WW2-baby boom, families grew. New Deal Acts, fair labor standards act. GI Bill passes and helped families, but the problems was that it was discriminated against men of color, but some men of color still got the bill. Capital gains tax-90% tax for wealthy. People still wealthy after this. Economic boom fuled by massive gov expenditures. High way construction, school construction. Child labor laws. Result-marriage rate went up for while. Ideal natural family. “Nuclear family”-but not really because of its because of gov expenditures.
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Unformatted text preview: Real family-only 10% look like nuclear family. . Today there are both husband and wives working by necessity, and there are female-headed families. There are also blended families. Extended families. (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc). Single is a category of family and is one of the most expanding category. They choose to be single. Leisure time decreased for both men and women, decreased funding for public housing, less affordable housing for working class people, which drives both men and women to work....
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