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wst29 - and planned parenthood affects family what kind of...

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1. Women and men experience the family differently and expect different things from family. Workload different, needs different. Domestic labor. Child rearing and domestic work-women mostly do it. Very different expectations and needs. Financial, power difference. Occupationalseg, dual labor theory. Effect of divorce-women loses half of the income that her husband was earning, and harder on women because most of the time women takes the children. 50% of marriages don’t last more than 7 years. Most children after divorce live with their mothers. Women also experience more violence by their husbands. Gender division of labor. 2. Families are economic as well as reproductive units of society. Refer to socialization and the reproduction of the next generation of workers, consumers, and citizens. The very size of family depend on programs by government. Withdraw of funds such as abortion
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Unformatted text preview: and planned parenthood affects family, what kind of birth control, be informed, is important, and effects economic life of family. Glass ceiling regulations-invisible but real barriers that restrict women and people of color from advancing in their occupation. 2/3 earns below average income, and 6% of those people make it all the way up in the affluent class. Take high-paying jobs here to places like China and make it a low-paying jobs. Red lining, food stamp program revisions, 3. Primary emotional commitments are found inside and outside of family. Home as a place of solace-but not for women. 4. Idea of family itself has taken on singular monolithic form which implies that there’s only one dominant kind of family. But there are many difference kind of family. Ideal form of family rarely found....
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