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Divided Pre-1965 and Post-1965 families who migrated. 1965-end of Bracero program. Pre-1965-men from rural Mexico entered farm life through Bracero program. Made money to pay off bills, for family, thought of themselves as bread winners, made decisions in family. When got to US, they made bachelor communities because their family is still in Mexico. There, they had to do their own houseworks(cooking, cleaning) and were proud of their work. They were learning how to be domestic. Patriarchy allows men to leave their families, but it also mandates them to be good providers for their family. But no upward mobility in farmworker, and the long term effect of farm work was damaging to body. Male migrant labor is produced by patriarchy for the benefit of US capital. Remittance was not really enough, so women who stayed behind were working in the informal sector, such as craftwork(selling on street), doing laundry and
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Unformatted text preview: ironing for other people, taking care of other people’s kids, sewing. Remittances-money that men sent to their family in mexico from US. Reason women want to migrate to US-reunite the family, sought for better standard of living, and relief from double work of working and taking care of household. But women’s desire rarely coincided with that of their husbands. It was hard to find a house for large family, and life was very hard in US, and didn’t want their kids to be part of gangs and drugs, and men had freedom that they didn’t have in Mexico(took mistresses, some even started their 2 nd families). But women were tenacious- women working in US would put some relief on husbands. Once women and men got back in US, it was more egalitarian because men were able to do domestic works....
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