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wst33 - derived from the lengthy separation They have...

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Factors that led to more egalitarian-1. Men learn to do domestic work. 2. Women gained sense of autonomy and confidence in Mexico without their husband 3. Financial autonomy that both men and women were earning money and which was important. 4. Women gained documentation too. Employers helped. Women had more confident, mobility, employment opportunities, and were not afraid of Immigration naturalization service when they gained citizenship. factor that led them to challenge men’s authority. 1. Women’s sense of social power and autonomy,
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Unformatted text preview: derived from the lengthy separation. They have developed sense of empowerment and decision making capacity when their roles and tasks expanded. 2. Access to women’s network resources. Post 1965 women did not have Bracero programs anymore to help them migrate, so they were crossing illegally. 3. Changes in gender division of household labor....
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