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wst35 - but in Virginia opposition to women’s legal...

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. Family based unit-small farm. Household was basic unit of economy/production. Colonial period. Women farmed as well. Most products came from what they grew. Small-scale agriculture and business. Shortage of women, there were flexibility in both public and private spheres for free white women despite ideologies on gender differentiation. Women participated in the field as well as in the house, and work was considered a duty for both married and single women. White women’s labor depended mainly on their class and marital status. Women’s property rights- Land ownership with more to men than women,
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Unformatted text preview: but in Virginia, opposition to women’s legal entitlement to land was overcame. Villages in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Maryland traditionally gave women ownership of land. Women could inherit land from husbands and father.Within household, white free women were granted some protection by law, and courts intervened if men dealt brutally with women. Rich women would just order around the house and be idol....
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