Fall 2009 - Promotion and Recruitment Committee Report

Fall 2009 - Promotion and Recruitment Committee Report -...

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Promotion and Recruitment Committee End of the Semester Report: Fall 2009 http://usg.uconn.edu Committee Membership Chair: B. Ingmanson Vice-Chairs: A. Apicella, A. Brooks, E. Cerretta, S. Jain A. Albini, L. Albini, M. Beautler, K. Cannon, C. Carman, S. Diaz, A. Fazo,M. Gibilisco, L. Golas, L. Habig, R. Hernandez, A. Jankowski, S. Marinoff, A. Mark, E. McGettigan, E. Molloy, L. Niquez, C. O’Day, C. Pennella, M. Rahmy, M. Staron, L. Sterling, N. Stewart, H. Stover, S. Topazio, K. Wilson, J. Wolanski, Y. Yakova Justice: M. Lynch Accomplishments Ice Cream Social Executive Committee & Senators August 28, 2009 Expenses: $8,236.32 To avoid the rain this year, the Ice Cream Social was moved inside to the Student Union Ballroom. This was upsetting for Chairman Ingmanson at first, however it turned out that hosting the event inside made the event more organized and efficient. Using the ballroom set up provided more room, and made it possible to separate the ice cream area from the toppings area, as well as move the t-shirts to outside the ballroom entrance. These changes helped make the event a huge success. Student Appreciation Day P&R Committee & Senators September 22, 2009 Expenses: $13,420.81 Student Appreciation Day was a modified version of what P&R has done in the past. The use of University Catering and the location remained the same, but most everything else was changed. Chairman Ingmanson worked with ROTC, the Paintball Team, and Coca-Cola to provide great attention-getters that cost USG no money. All of these organizations were
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Fall 2009 - Promotion and Recruitment Committee Report -...

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