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1 Running Head: COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper Laura S. Wadell GEN/200 – Foundations for General Education and Professional Success October 18, 2010 Professor: Joseph Blomer
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2 Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper Going to college is not the same as it used to be. Now we are fortunate enough to attend school online. There are no physical limitations of distance or time. We can use the internet and other techniques to collaborate the diversity we can find with today’s teams. Difficulties or barriers with taking online courses are that it makes it difficult for students to work in teams. It is not your typical face-to-face setting which is why it is important to develop strategies for communication and collaboration. One must determine the learning style and personality styles of their team members. Each team has its own unique interests, concerns, and ways of taking in information. Each presents its own challenges and opportunities. Knowing the various learning
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