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Running head: PROFESSIONAL VALUES AND ETHICS PAPER 1 Professional Values and Ethics Paper Mary Jo Perez-Brown, Lorri Pezzola, and Laura Wadell GEN/ 200 Foundations for General Education and Professional Success November 8, 2010 Joseph A. Blomer
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PROFESSIONAL VALUES AND ETHICS PAPER 2 Professional Values and Ethics Paper Professional values and ethics are essential tools one needs to use in decision-making and for one’s demeanor in corporate America. Within any professional setting, the way one conducts oneself demonstrates that one’s character and their manner of professionalism. In order for one to have the ability to make good decisions depends on the values and morals instilled upon us as children. As we get older, our values and morals help to further the development of one’s integrity by having the understanding of right from wrong. Upon one’s introduction into corporate America, is where the expansion of one’s values and morals continue to grow into one’s ethically behavior within any professional setting. What is the meaning of having values? Values are beliefs and morals taught to us which influences one’s behavior. Values consist of respect, honesty, loyalty, culture, and religion which is everything parents instill in each of us. We use values as a stepping-stone to portray our moral character in both our professional and personal lives. Values not only influence our choices, but they also influence how we interpret and base our decisions. These choices we make help mold us into leaders versus followers (Professional Values and Ethics, 2010). What is the meaning of ethics? Ethics is a set of standards or principals of knowing right from wrong. Ethics determines a rule of conduct a business would like to follow and achieve. For this reason companies have regulations, rules, and a code of conduct for employees to follow to ensure this form of behavior is maintained and enforced at all times. Values and ethics are the
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FINAL+-+Professional+Values+and+Ethics+Paper - Running head...

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