Week Five - Organizational Trends

Week Five - Organizational Trends - Running head...

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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL TRENDS 1 Organizational Trends David Miller, Joseph Fisher, Kristen Drew, Laura Wadell and Mary Jo Perez-Brown Group Dynamics January 30, 2011 Dr. Kathleen Bates
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Organizations today need to work hard and stay adapted to changes in the business world. Part of staying ahead of the game is being aware of the organizational trends. In order to stay competitive, organizations need to know how to structure their employees. Key points to organizational trends are characteristics to high-performance workplaces, knowing the differences between high-performance workplaces and traditional organizations, strategies for managing stress in the workplace as well as stress management techniques, and emerging trends. Characteristics of High-Performance Workplaces and Organizations According to Clemmer, (2001), “Research and experience shows that the shape and characteristics of high performing organization structures have a number of common features.” Customer and market focus is intense in these organizations. High-performance organizations are team-based in that operational and improvement teams are used up, down, and across the organization (Clemmer, 2001). These organizations are highly autonomous and decentralized. The characteristic of servant-leadership suggests that lean processes allow for supporting staff members to work to help the people who are doing the work that customers actually pay for. High-performance workplaces build strong networks, partnerships, and alliances. Along with employing less staff professionals that are more focused, these organizations also tend to have fewer levels of management. In the theme of focus on the customer and the processes that actually make the money, these organizations also work to obtain one customer contact point. The focus of high-performance teams is to concentrate the efforts of the organization on support
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Week Five - Organizational Trends - Running head...

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