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SW 112 section note 2-18 - Direct public money church...

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Should the government giving money to the faithful organization? Should. But how and with regulation. Ideology: the god is the driving force, it is kind of hard for them not to talk about that. Jewish people in New York, neighborhood, Jewish organization geographical and specific. Separate the service, spiritual ritual and charity job. Being a member in order to receive the benefit of the program Religious organization: powerful in the local community as they are the ppl trust. Domestic violence Emma is not a religious, catholic organization, not feeling good in the catholic organization, as she didn’t have any religious involvement. What kind of organization? low income housing
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Unformatted text preview: Direct public money, church giving a exception. What don’t hire ppl who do not have catholic background. But they use public money, they cannot exclusive to hire ppl who do not have catholic background. The person carry out the best of your organization‘s mission. We want the money, but we don’t want the government tell us what to do. From the government perspective, I have the right to how they are going to use those money. Respect their belief. You are asking them to help you, if you give them the money, u need to respect and trust them, if not, don’t give the money. Evaluation Empirical information about the money they use....
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