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U.C. Berkeley - Econ 113 Fall 2010 Homework #5 Please complete this assignment by the start of class on October 26, 2010. Write a two-page essay (1.5-spaced, 12pt font, 1 inch margins) answering the following question based on all relevant readings. Question: The 20th Century saw a large decline in mortality in the United States and rapid income growth. Cutler and Miller (2005) show that public health improvements have led to large reductions in mortality, and Almond (2006) shows that health improvements, especially in early life, have long-term effects on income. Thus these two studies combined suggest that the decline in mortality and improvement in health could have CAUSED rapid
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Unformatted text preview: income growth. Conversely, there is also a large body of evidence that rich people live longer and that richer individuals and countries can afford better nutrition, public health, and health care generally. How do these authors sort out the causality between health and income? Do you think the exogenous improvements in health were more important in promoting income growth, or the exogenous increases in income were more important in promoting health improvements?...
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