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Chem 112L Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of California, Santa Barbara Spring 2010 General course information for Chem 112L, BIOPHYSICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL LABORATORY Lecturer: Kalju Kahn [email protected] Phone: x6157 PSB-N 2623 Office hours: Tue 3:30-4:30 PM, "Open Door" policy other times Teaching assistants: MW2: Andrew Bencovich ( [email protected] ) TR6: Paul Zakrevsky ( [email protected] ) Lab session times: Section 1: Monday/Wednesday 2:00-5:50p.m. PSB-N 2619 Section 2: Tuesday/Thursday 6:00-9:50p.m. PSB-N 2619 Course website : http://chem.ucsb.edu/~kalju/chem112L Recommended text : Same as in Chem112 lecture . Course Goals The purpose of Chem 112L is twofold: (i) introduce you to the instrumentation used in biophysical and bioanalytical chemistry, and (ii) help to understand concepts that are taught in Chem112. Your work is organized around a small number of projects, and most projects will take more than one lab session. Lectures and discussions that cover topics that are not normally taught in Chem112 will be held on some days.
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Course Information and Expectations of Students: General Chem 112L is a laboratory course, in which the main portion of your grade is earned by planning and performing experiments, documenting your work in your lab report, and answering questions in the manual. There is a quiz at the beginning of each experiment, two exams throughout the course, and a poster research presentation at the end of the course. As with any laboratory course, standard lab fee is collected from students who stay beyond the standard drop deadline. Attendance Attendance in all laboratory sessions is mandatory. Please contact your instructor, your TA, and your lab partner at least one week ahead of time if you have to miss a class. For each missed class you must turn in a signed letter detailing the reason for missing the class. For unexpected misses, you must provide a verifiable documentation stating why you could not make the class. There is a make-up day toward the end of the quarter to repeat missed or unsuccessful experiments. If you are a student with a disability and would like to discuss special academic accommodations, please contact me during my office hours. Preparation for the lab Laboratory manuals can be downloaded from the course website: http://www.chem.ucsb.edu/~kalju/chem112L . You are expected to be well familiar with material in the course manual as well as with any material presented in the ‘required reading’ section. You should show an adequate preparation in order to perform the experiment. Your preparation is judged to be inadequate if you receive 33% or fewer points both on your quiz and on your prelab for that day. Your preparation is also judged to be inadequate if you receive 22% or fewer points on either the prelab or the quiz for that day. If you are not adequately prepared, you are asked to leave the lab. You may make up the experiment during a suitable time if this was the first instance of inadequate preparation. You will receive zero points
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C112L_Syll_2010(2) - Chem 112L Department of Chemistry and...

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