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koofer(2) - t.S\th Chem.1 09C,s ummer2 006,w eek2...

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sq\6 t.S\th -- SLor€J s\ % [q$s Chem. 109C, summer 2006, week2rexaw? Your name: l. Which term(s),if any, apply to the structure shown below?aldopentose, ketopentose, a pyranose' a frranose. HO.!l ? 'oJi\.oH l-b5fbg s/v 2. To the right of each ofthe structures shown below, illustrate its enantiomer. or{ o rao-,n/Votl l 0h s r v loyocHs *\" Cfo* y (\"0* '$$ 0U 4. Draw the alpha anomer of Dglucose in a chair conformation. A offioo
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