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Unformatted text preview: t.S\th Chem.1 09C,s ummer2 006,w eek2 rexaw? ? 'oJi\.oH - - S L o r €s \ J % [q$s Your n ame: a k s q\6 l. Which term(s),if any, apply to the structureshownbelow?aldopentose, etopentose, pyranose'a frranose. HO.!l l-b5fbg s/v s 2. To the right of eachofthe structures hownbelow, illustrate its enantiomer. or{ o rao-,n/Votl l 0h ho:Atxc*o ".s#J* g\{?- o 3. Draw arry diastereomerfthe structureshownbelow. s loyocHs *\" Cfo* '$$ y ( \"0* 0U 4. Draw the alphaanomerof Dglucose in a chair conformation. r offioo A v f 6. Providea mechanismor the following transformation. ls P| cata,ytic- ^;--t;e I -+CI ;5]3sKf6#'J 7. Completethe following by providing the structureof the product. 5 H lal -Ao Ibl ou (a) PhMgBr ,q"p@* # -A* A/\o yF $'e (* rr\\N$) _ r\' f NaH, PhCH2Br lal AcCl, AlCls [b] H2o r rcr yo"" r t-s\- ...
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