koofer(3) - Chem109C,summer2006,examI Your n ame: w t s t

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itwouldhave,hadbenzenebeenthestartingmaterial. / t _ r^ -.J ^-1, I [--o=, Brz,FeBrs (,€rot (+r*f,,9 ', f^+r- !:T{*$'--r" \2 w -:^;!-< Chem 109C, summer 2006, exam I Your name: 1. Complete the following reactions. In each instance speciff whether the reaction would occur faster or slower than -- optK\-?\ , - -J\ . ", ql-9-/ tultc' o,",. o o lL ' . -ql-P -*-f.-- HNo3, H2so4 .---if .\, ; J\v"J.r ll-l+ \) 5q -{@ 2. Ctclethq structure(s) that correspond to aromatic
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