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3d exam, chem 109C, summer 2(X)4 Your name: 6. Complete the following and fill in the blanks when asked. Your perm or Social Security #: Reagents: *-?.i",t o**. cF3co2H Et3N --.O @ff" /nrc),O h h$-/(oLht:j (K*.-/cq.t, (9 yturu,( [email protected] K-/cqrr ry' .,rc\J'o\s-\fl A (s\ryr) ..-- t6= v-\
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Unformatted text preview: A " {J-r,$ iT ^ \' tlo uo-(1-;1;- \t$gs+,A \Pcr{zu (sro* <,'flffi ')' : u r/o \_ \- LLrtn,\\ \J\wr { 1 \5cc to / e , ,&) [D hf L;*8. Nrocr \ r Y\ (\N- m,ftr p \qty, [3 * J \)^r^,f'{* ",XoP + ..^at*,* cuBr w + ( BOC )2O .-Structure of UBOC"--"/ Bo.R\( -YO n^0 €rb...
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