organisms_in_intro - Synedra(100X Phaeophyta(brown Fucus...

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Eubacteria Important Characters: Shape, cell wall structure, GC content, metabolic pathways, photosynthetic pigments Group Examples in lab Sample pictures Gram + Bacillus megaterium Gram – E. coli Cyanobacteria Fresh water filamentous Anabaena Nostoc Oscillatoria Spriulina Anabaena (100x) Eukaryotes: Protists Important characters that distinguish members of this diverse group: Photosynthetic pigments, cell wall structure, mode of nutrition, type of motility: presence and number of flagella or cilia, multi- or single cell. Group Examples in lab Sample pictures Alveolates Ciliates Tetrahymena Dinoflagellates Mixed Stramenopiles Diatoms Synedra Cyclotella Navicula
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Unformatted text preview: Synedra (100X) Phaeophyta (brown) Fucus Laminaria Plante Group Examples in lab Sample pictures Rhodophyta (Red) Batrachospermum Corallina Porphyra Batrachrospermum (100x) Chlorophyta (Green) Spirogyra Volvox Chlamydomonas Spirogyra (40X) Unikonts Amoeboozoans Physarum Eukaroytes: Fungi Important characters that distinguish the members of this group: Hyphal development, mode of sexual reproduction, presence/absence of septa between cells. Group Example in lab Sample Pictures Chatridiomycota Allomyces Allomyces Gametophyte (40X) s Zycomycota Phycomyces Ascomycota Sordaira Penicillium Saccharomyces Basidiomycota Agaricus Coprinus Deuteromycetes Arthrobotrys...
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organisms_in_intro - Synedra(100X Phaeophyta(brown Fucus...

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