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Hello Melissa, I hope you had a great holiday season and enjoyed the vacation. I thought it was important how you pointed out that keeping in mind the age range of your audience is important to keep in mind so people can write appropriately. I know I wouldn’t want my eight year old daughter to be reading something that is includes sexual related material either so it is always important to keep in mind who you are writing for so it can remain appropriate. You also do not want to offend anyone with your writing so by knowing the age ranges, and sex of the readers you can base the material not only on your own interests
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Unformatted text preview: but you can write it in a way that will appeal to your readers and keep them interested. Every generation is different as to what they view acceptable and not acceptable, and what will offend them and what won’t offend them. Knowing this is key because you can write specifically in a way that will appeal to them and make them want to read your writing and maybe even open them up to your way of thinking so they understand and agree with your points....
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