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Hello Laveta, I liked how you pointed out that keeping your readers interested is important because they can provide feedback to your writing. Every writer wants positive feedback on their writing because they want to be good writers. However, when put the write way sometimes negative feedback isn’t always bad. There is a difference between insulting someone and offering constructive criticism. As much as I like positive feedback I also welcome negative feedback, or constructive criticism because it can help me write better by showing me faults in my writing and how I can correct them to make my ideas and writing be better understood. For example, A poor way to provide negative feedback: “I think this paper was dumb, and I didn’t understand any of it.” Constructive criticism: “I thought the paper was ok, but I had trouble understanding the key points perhaps the
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Unformatted text preview: writer could expand his/her explanation of the key points supporting the topic so we could understand more clearly, and get better idea of the explanation.” Obviously, the negative feedback example is going to probably just hurt the writer and maybe discourage them from writing more and doesn’t explain why the reader had a problem with the writing. However, the constructive criticism comment explains why the reader couldn’t understand the topic and offers possible solutions on how to make the explanation more clear, and concise. While positive feedback is always good because it complements the writer’s method, I think constructive criticism is just as important because it offers tips on how the writer can be better....
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