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Hello Christopher, I really liked how you talked about finding different core audiences and practicing questions to ask that would be relevant to their particular generation and way of thinking. By using that particular technique to practice with it is an excellent way to get to know different kinds of people and how they think. That is a really good way to benefit your writing because you will be prepared to address that specific audience and convince them to not only see and understand the point you are trying to make but to also agree with it which is what a persuasive essay is about of course. When I was in high school we had to do a senior paper for my U.S. government
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Unformatted text preview: class and it was worth 70% of our final grade. Well once I choose my topic I prepared a questionnaire and passed it around do teachers and students. Once I got the questionnaire back I then researched the results and made different groups for similar answers. This helped me figure out how to write and phrase my key topics based on how target audience thought. (which was five different teachers, and students) By knowing their views and thought processes I was successfully able to appeal to them specifically which is definitely helped me get an A on the paper....
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