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Hello Billie-Jeanne and Monica, Your response was very well put. I also believe that exploring both sides of any topic and explaining them to the reader is very important. When writing a persuasive essay exploring both sides of a topic can expose the pros, and cons of each side. After you have exposed the pros, and cons you can then help the reader weigh out what is more important and use those pros of your topic as leverage to your readers to help convince them to see things from the view you are writing about. Monica, I believe acknowledging
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Unformatted text preview: and refuting both sides of a topic will help “strengthen the writer’s preposition” by letting them fully explore both sides of the issue and also reading why the writer believes which way is better. Knowing all the information is an important key but understanding why the writer picked the side he or she has after knowing all the facts is beneficial because the reader can clearly understand the writer’s point of view....
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