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According to page 47 of the class text book the main purpose to writing a persuasive essay is to make a convincing argument to maybe persuade the reader, or readers to see things from either the writers point of view, or the point of view that writer is being asked to explain. Whether it is the writer’s opinion or the opinion of the topic being written about. The writer’s job is to basically try and persuade people to see things and understand things in a specific way as designated by the writer. The elements needed to make a persuasive essay effective are key points, and facts to back up the key points. A certain amount of rationalization is required on the writer’s part as well. For instance, you could say “ok, this is important because…”
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Unformatted text preview: But, without examples, and maybe a little bit of input from the writers point of view as well the key points, and facts may not necessarily be enough. While key points, and facts are a good basis to a persuasive essay I think the writer needs to use direct examples to show the reader why he, she, or they should look at the topic a certain way. The best way to persuade someone to view something a specific way is to try and appeal to that person’s particular way of thinking. That is way when writing a persuasive essay it is important to know who will be reading the writing this way you can have some kind of idea of how they may think and appeal to that....
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