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Say for example I was expected to write a three-page paper first thing I would do is look at the due date of this paper. So say for example I was given five days to do it I would break things down into the following categories: DAY 1 Select a topic Find topic material Research topic material DAY 2 Write the bibliography Write supporting material DAY 3 Write my Thesis for the paper. DAY 4 Write first draft of paper Proofread and correct first draft DAY 5 Write final draft Submit final draft. By establishing a time line and breaking the paper down into daily goals you can plan out your paper better and reduce the stress of having to rush around and find
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Unformatted text preview: everything. Planning is the key so you plan, research, and write. I believe it helps knowing the due date because you can manage your time wisely and break things down into the time allotted so you won’t stress yourself out trying to get everything done. Time management is the key to being successful. I think one of the techniques discusses in my US/101 class that will help me manage my time is just breaking everything down over time. Do one part one day and another part the next just like I listed above. Time management is the key to being successful....
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