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DQ 1.1 - incident report about an accident an altercation...

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In addition, to my response to discussion question one I also want to add that as a former site security supervisor the first thing I would look for when reviewing a perspective employee's application is how they wrote. The reason I looked at whether, or not they could write correctly is because the client contact for the site was very particular about the professionalism of security reports, and logs. In addition, if the employee was asked to write a security
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Unformatted text preview: incident report about an accident, an altercation, or an injury then this report could be used in a court of law. So, the employee's ability to have good writing skills was important because not only would it reflect on our security company, but on our client as well. If the client wasn't happy with how we represented them then the client would find someone they were happy with and we would lose the contract....
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