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I do believe it is fair for people to be judged by an employer on how they write. I believe this because writing is another form of communication that is used to represent the professionalism, and intelligence of the writer, as well as the company he, or she is representing. Employers want to hire people who will represent their business interests in an intelligent and professional manor. Manors that will make their company look professional to perspective clients, and customers. The inability to write correctly could make the company look unprofessional, unorganized, and in some cases unintelligent.
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Unformatted text preview: A possible client is looking for a company to represent them especially if the perspective client is a business that relies on writing up things like propositions, contracts, or reports. A perspective employee’s inability to write correctly will definitely reduce their chances of moving to the interview stage simply because their writing style may not only make it hard for the perspective employer to understand them but, also makes the applicant look unprofessional and unqualified for the job they are being considered for....
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