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DQ 2 - 4 Too/To/Two Too also more than enough very(adverb I...

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Five commonly used word mistakes along with the definitions, and sentences with the proper use of the words are listed below 1) Your/You’re Your : A pronoun showing ownership That is your bag on the counter. You’re: A contraction of the words you are You’re going to the concert with me? 2) Who’s/Whose Who’s: A contraction of the words who is, or who was You are the one who’s causing trouble. Whose: A pronoun showing owner ship Whose clothes are these? 3) Through/Threw Through: Finished with (adjective); from one side to the other ;( preposition) I can see you through the window. Threw: hurled, tossed (past tense of the word throw)
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Too/To/Two Too: also; more than enough; very (adverb) I am going to see the movie too. To : a word indicating a direction or movement (preposition); part of the infinitive form of a verb I am on my way to the pub would you like to come? Two: the number between one and three I went to the store and picked up two gallons of milk. 5) They’re/There/Their They’re: a contraction of the words they are They’re on their way back from the mall. There: a word indicating location or existence There are more pictures in the book. Their: a pronoun showing ownership Are you going to meet us at their house?...
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