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Hello Melissa, You reminded me of some benefits of credit cards that I didn't even think of. As long as your credit card hasn't expired it does provide you another way to authenticate your I.D. which is one of the things I didn't think of until I read your post so thank you for that. You mentioned how by paying for something with a credit card it makes it easier just in case you need to return, or exchange the item. I learned this less because one time I bought a television for my daughter as a Christmas present. Well, when I went to hook it up it wouldn't turn on with, or without the remote. Well, I didn't think to keep the receipt which generally is odd for me.
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Unformatted text preview: Anyways, so I was nervous that I was not going to be able to return it because I didn't know that they could look it up since I paid for it with my credit card. So, anyways I went to the store figuring I was going to have to fight to exchange the television. When I told them what happened they asked how I paid and I told them I paid with my debit card. Well they were able to scan my card and pull up the transaction in their system and I was able to simply exchange the broken television for a new one that luckily worked. This just proves that there are some advantages that some of us don't even realize we have by using a credit card instead of cash....
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