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Hello Melissa, I totally agree with your response to DQ 1. I have been to a lot of movies with friends and we always end up discussing the film after it is over. Why we thought it was good, why we thought it was bad, or somewhere in between or even what could have been done to make it better, or what it was exactly about the film that we didn’t like. Whatever the case was it got us all to think about the different things without even occurring to us that we were doing it. Sharing movies and music is not only a way to
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Unformatted text preview: open up a door to critical thinking but over just a way for society to interact and learn from each other. We may be exposed to opinions, and views that we may have never considered. As my dad says “Variety is the spice of life.” Everyone is different which makes things interesting in my opinion because it exposes us to different lifestyles and ways of thinking and looking at certain things....
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