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DQ 1 - conversation The person who liked it is going to...

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According to movie critic for the Arizona Republic newspaper Bill Goodykoontz the value of seeing movies, and television shows as a shared response is because of “how they relate to problem solving and critical thinking by inviting the audience to react.” Mr. Goodykoontz also feels that “A shared response is one of the definitions of a society.” Basically, a shared response brings people together because they have shared an experience and are able to discuss it with each other. A shared response opens people to difference opinions and subjects them to different ways of thinking. For example, two people go see a movie one person loved it the other person didn’t. After the movie they stop to have dinner. Well obviously the movie they just watched is going to be a topic of
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Unformatted text preview: conversation. The person who liked it is going to discuss why it was good, and the person who didn’t like it is going to discuss why he thought it was bad. The point to the story isn’t whether or not the movie was good or bad. The point is that two people had a conversation revolved around a difference of opinion and the reasons each person had a different opinion. Each person was exposed to a different way of thinking because of a different perspective which is a form of growth. If a society doesn’t grow it dies. Shared responses are one way a society can grow from learning about different perspectives and opinions....
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