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Hello Professor, I definitely do believe that people younger than I am view things like movies, and music differently than I would because of the times they are growing up in things are just different that’s all. No, I don’t think a difference in the way things are today compared to when I was growing up is reason to not see a movie that is based on current state of society today because we could still enjoy the film never the less. Yes, I did come from a generation that was new and evolving. When I was growing up we saw technology boom in many different ways. We had CD’s and DVD’s become
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Unformatted text preview: popular. We also saw the rise of the internet and household computers becoming a normal occurrence. It was before face book and twitter we had early versions of communication like instant messengers and public chat rooms that eventually spawned social networking sites like MySpace, then Facebook, and now twitter. It is my belief that we haven’t had a generation that hasn’t evolved in some way shape or form in a long time if ever....
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