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Hello Professor, I do agree with you that we are all critics in some way shape or form and it gives us the opportunity to grow as a culture because we are exposed to different ways of thinking. However, this can be our downfall to if we are not careful. Publicly notorious critics like Roger Ebert, or Gene Shallot can all also hinder our creative thinking process. Critics critique things based on their own personal opinion not necessarily the opinion of others. The problem with this is that some people listen to what other critics say which could bias them and maybe keep them from seeing something they would enjoy as well
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Unformatted text preview: as their friends. I am not saying we should keep our opinions to ourselves. I am just simply saying that we shouldn’t necessarily base things we do, or don’t do on someone else’s opinion. Someone else’s opinion may not necessarily be your opinion. So, by taking someone else’s opinion to heart you may miss out on something you could enjoy. Free thinking is all about experiencing things for yourself and I think everybody should experience new things whether it be movies, music, or whatever despite someone else’s opinions....
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