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DQ 2 - product Another benefit to using social media is we...

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By using social media to advertise WhizBang games it can be effective because we can target specific customers or our target groups more directly then we could using television. We can concentrate on more social sites like Facebook, and twitter to find our core audience and focus on them, and there interests which would interest them in buying the game. The benefits of using social media to advertise our product is being able to save money on advertising because if our core audience likes the games they are apt to tell their friends a about it who in turn would buy the game as well as tell their friends about it. Using word of mouth to advertise can sometimes be the best asset in advertising a
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Unformatted text preview: product. Another benefit to using social media is we can use positive and negative feed to make updates to the game by taking suggestions into consideration and applying them. However there can be a few problems with using social media to advertise a product. One problem can be on sites that display user comments for everyone to see. The problem with that is the fact that if there is something in particular someone doesn’t like about the product they can voice their opinion and others will see it. If people see negative comments about a product they are more apt not to buy the production which of course would hurt the bottom line....
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