DQ 3.3 - maybe not even look but find it none the less....

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Hello Stacie, Sorry for the typo I must of missed it. Second life does take a lot of virtual memory even though it is a form of social networking it is a game that is constantly downloading and yes having a fast computer does help. Anyways I have some friends that have met via second life, as well as other social sites like face book, and myspace to name a few. I have noticed that besides actual on- line dating sites that some people do use social networking sites to “look for love” or
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Unformatted text preview: maybe not even look but find it none the less. Besides businesses using social networks for advertising and selling, and people making new friend’s social networking also makes it possible for people to meet potential people for relationships. Social networking gives people the anonymity to get to know people at their pace in a way they are comfortable without the pressures of that first date....
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