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DQ 3 - things and djing is primarily what I use the game...

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One form of social media I use now on a pretty regular basis for almost four years is a virtual reality game called second life. Second life is a game, but in some ways it is more than a game. You can meet people from all over the world which I know you can do on sites like Facebook, or twitter. However, you can actually interact with people in real time instead of just posts. You can actually talk with people using a voice application and instead of just using pictures and things of that nature you can actually create an avatar and interact with people that way. Second life is very much like real life in a way. You can do everything from sell things, work and actually get paid. There is clubs you can go to, as well as virtual recreations of real life places. I use second life to meet new people and to DJ in virtual clubs. There is many different ways of life you can actually experience on second life due to it being a worldwide virtual reality game. But, meeting people experiencing new
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Unformatted text preview: things, and djing is primarily what I use the game for. In my opinion it is one of the best forms of social media currently available. I do still use messengers like yahoo and Skype as well but most the people on those messengers I have met via second life. I have always been a social person so over the years I have used many forms of social media. Some sites I used to use are sites like hotel chat which was a public chat room that was very popular when the internet started to get popular however with the vast growth hotel chat eventually became obsolete and closed. Of course, I have sued face book, MySpace, and twitter. I don’t really sue them anymore quite honestly because I became bored with them. There’s no real live interaction everything is just messages, and posts. I am the type of person I like having live conversations so the live interaction based social media applications appeal more to me....
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