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HW11 - parents both used drugs versus students of parents...

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Statistics 3011 Section 007, Fall 2010 Homework #11 Due Friday, December 10 Note: You may either use R or a calculator to do the chi-squared tests in this assignment. The results from R will be slightly different than what you will get by hand because of the continuity correction employed by the R chisq.test function. Be sure to perform all five steps of the test, including an interpretation of your result, no matter which method of calculation you use. From the textbook: 11.8, 11.10*, 11.17, 11.23, 11.24 * For problem 11.10, in addition to the instructions in the book, add the row, column and grand totals to the table and verify by calculation that the X 2 test statistic is 22.2. Additional Problem 1 This contingency table from 1979 classified a random sample of college students by fre- quency of marijuana use and whether one, both or neither of their parents used drugs. Student Use Parental Drug Use of Marijuana Both Neither One Total Never 17 141 68 226 Occasionally 11 54 44 109 Regularly 19 40 51 110 Total 47 235 163 445 a) Estimate and interpret the relative risk of regular marijuana use among students whose
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Unformatted text preview: parents both used drugs, versus students of parents of whom neither took drugs. b) Perform all five steps of a χ 2 test for independence between parental drug use and student marijuana use at the α = . 01 level, making sure to present your hypothesis and conclusion in the context of the problem. Additional Problem 2 As of press time, the University of Minnesota volleyball team had advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Here are the attack statistics (through 12/3) for the Gophers’ top two offensive players in terms of kills: Tabitha Love and Ashley Wittman. Attack Result Player Kills Errors Other Total Love 396 150 577 1123 Wittman 409 157 529 1095 Total 805 307 1106 2218 Do this season’s statistics provide evidence to suggest there is an association between the result of the attack and which of these players (Love or Wittman) hit the attack? Explain. 1...
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