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2.2.ImmigrantsReplaceMainlnie - RELIGION WATCH Volume 19...

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RELIGION WATCH Volume 19 Number 5 March 2004 IMMIGRANT CHRISTIANS REPLACING MAINLINE'S DECLINING RANKS? Scholars and other observers of American religion are realizing that immigration is more likely to replenish the declining ranks of Christian churches than create sizable blocs of world religions in the country. In Christian Century Magazine (February 10), sociologist R. Stephen Warner writes that the "new immigrants represent not the de-Christianization of American society but the de-Europeanization of American Christianity." Warner notes that recent research shows two-thirds of immigrants are Christian and that even outside of the traditionally Christian immigrant sending countries, (such as Mexico) there is a large of segment of Christian immigrants, such as those from China, India and the Middle East. Warner adds that with recent studies showing a large defection of mainly native-born Christians to the "no-religion" category, the Christian immigration is having a replenishing effect on the churches. While evangelicals and Catholics stand to gain the
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