CIS 105 Final Essay 12-19-09

CIS 105 Final Essay 12-19-09 - CIS 105 Essay CIS105 Final...

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CIS105 Final Project Prepare a 4-6 page report in MS Word answering each of the following questions. Please do not include the questions in your report. Instead, introduce the topic of each question in your own words. Be sure to follow the Final Project Grading Rubric to avoid point deductions. Be sure to properly cite all sources in APA format. If you need assistance with this, as well as how to paraphrase properly, please visit this site: Question #1: 1 Your text describes the different types of computers: supercomputer, mainframe, servers, handheld devices, and personal computers. Most hardware vendors provide one or two types of computers while others specialize in just one. Do an Internet search to find who the major vendors are for two types of computers. Find at least two vendors for each type of computer. Where are their manufacturing facilities? Who are their software vendor partners? Detail your findings in two-three paragraphs. Some sample Web sites are: done Question #4: 2 In order to facilitate information sharing between wireless devices, connectivity standards have begun to emerge in the industry. One of the major standards is Bluetooth. Using the Internet, research the origins of Bluetooth and submit a two - three paragraph summary that includes: · How it works · Brief history · Security Some sample Web sites are: Done Question #5: 3 HTML is the language used to create Web pages. Learning the language, its commands, and syntax can be quite timeconsuming. Fortunately, there are many Web page development tools that use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach. WYSIWYG is a graphical interface that allows the user to “mock up” a Web page using
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CIS 105 Final Essay 12-19-09 - CIS 105 Essay CIS105 Final...

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