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1. How many tests are there? There are two exams: a midterm and a final. Each test consists of 30 multiple choice questions worth two points each and two essay questions worth 20 points each. The tests are given at the Rio Salado Testing Center or, in the case of out of state students, at a proctored location. 10. What should I do if I have problems understanding the You are the Judge paper? If you paste the draft into an email and send it to me no later than five days before the due date, I'll be glad to provide feedback. I won't give answers, but I'll mention important
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Unformatted text preview: questions. 12. What are the most common mistakes on the You are the Judge papers? Some students think that they can throw the paper together at the last minute. Bad move. Others fail to go over the textbook's detailed table of contents and index to see which topics might pertain to the case. It's sad when someone has failed to notice a big section that directly applies to the case. Most students, however, do quite well. Key point: Analyze the law, not your feelings....
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