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You Are The Judge 3 - This paper will discuss Case Example...

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This paper will discuss Case Example D. Zoom Car Company is currently being sued by Daniel Boone in which he is blaming a severe beating on a faulty product provided by said company. Daniel purchased his vehicle from Zoom Car Company, and this vehicle included a dashboard compass. This compass was manufactured by Corrigan Rulers Compasses and Slide Rules, Inc., but it was installed in the vehicle by Zoom Car Company. The compass turned out to be faulty when Daniel attempted to navigate through town with it. The compass caused him to end up in a rough area of town at which point he was dragged from his vehicle and severely beaten. Daniel has filed suit against Zoom Car Company for his medical costs. There are many factors that will need to come into play if Daniel expects to recover his medical costs. If he is only suing Zoom Car Company, he might be suing based on their negligent installation of the compass and inadequate testing procedures. In order to sue based on negligence, Daniel must prove that the duty of due care was breached by Zoom Car Company. Daniel can attempt to argue the fact that the dealership should have tested the compass more thoroughly before selling him the car. Zoom Car Company will argue that the compass was made by another company so they are not at fault, but this will not protect them from holding liability. In 1963, there was a landmark case, Greenman v. Yuba Power Products, Inc. , in which the California Supreme Court adopted the doctrine of strict liability tort as the basis for product liability. This is also known as liability without fault. Strict liability is a tort doctrine that establishes liability with all parties involved in a product’s chain of distribution. This usually includes the manufacturer,
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You Are The Judge 3 - This paper will discuss Case Example...

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