HIS101 - Class 70749 - Lesson 8 Essay

HIS101 - Class 70749 - Lesson 8 Essay - Peace Through...

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Peace Through Democracy In 1901, the first Nobel Prizes were awarded to the brightest minds in various fields including physics, chemistry, physiology/medicine, literature, and peace. The Nobel Prize has now been around for over one hundred years and is considered one of the most prestigious awards in history. The Nobel Foundation has decided to award one person from history with the prestige of a Nobel Prize. Many people throughout all of history have been responsible for significant achievements in the fields of the Nobel Prize. As the member of the Nobel Foundation with the honor of choosing the recipient, I feel that awarding a Nobel Prize for peace is important. While all fields are very important to society, achievements towards peace affect the lives of all people in the world as well as future generations. Peace also encounters the most adversity. Someone who fights for peace, often is fighting against a powerful adversary while enduring heavy hardships. The 2010 Nobel Prize for peace was awarded to Liu Xiaobo, a political prisoner of China. Liu Xiaobo is considered an activist of peace by the Nobel Foundation but a dissident by the Chinese government. Similar to Liu Xiaobo, the person from history that I chose as the recipient of the Nobel Prize for peace fought against a strong and controversial power of the 14 th century. The person from history to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize helped to achieve reforms in the Catholic Church while sparking some of the first ideas of true democracy. The historical recipient of the Nobel Prize in the
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HIS101 - Class 70749 - Lesson 8 Essay - Peace Through...

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