HIS101 - Class 70749 - Lesson 2 Essay

HIS101 - Class 70749 - Lesson 2 Essay - Robin Hood the...

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Robin Hood the Patriot Robin Hood , directed by Ridley Scott, takes place in 13th century England. The movie was released in 2010 with Russell Crowe staring as Robin Longstride also known as Robin Hood. Robin Hood embarks on an epic voyage after the death of King Richard the Lion-Hearted, played by Danny Huston. Upon King Richard’s death, Robin Hood travels back to England and assumes the identity of a noble knight. He joins up with classic characters Little John, played by Kevin Durand, and Friar Tuck, played by Mark Addy. Robin Hood and his marauders help Prince John, played by Oscar Isaac, gain the loyalty of the English people in order to fight against Godfrey and the invading French army. Godfrey, played by Mark Strong, is the villain of the movie as well as Robin Hood’s nemesis. I enjoyed this movie, and I feel that it had some strong historical accuracies but also fallacies. Robin Hood is an archer in the army of King Richard the Lion-Hearted. The movie starts off as King Richard and his army are returning to England after the end of the Third Crusade. The Third Crusade was not a success for King Richard the Lion- Hearted, and he is plundering castles of France on his voyage back to England. While attacking a village stronghold, King Richard is shot in the neck by an archer and dies from the wound. Robin Hood sees this as an opportunity and begins a successful voyage to the top of Medieval English society. In the movie, Robin Hood is portrayed as a patriot that fights for liberties and the rights of all people. He takes the clothing, armor, and goods of a group of knights, killed by Godfrey, effectively making himself and his friends all knights. Among these Knights is a dying Sir Robert Loxley who asks Robin Hood to give his sword to his Father, Sir Walter Loxley. Robin Hood assumes the
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identity of Sir Robert Loxley and begins a voyage to Nottingham. Robin Hood ends up
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HIS101 - Class 70749 - Lesson 2 Essay - Robin Hood the...

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