CRE101 - Lesson 9 - Assignment 9

CRE101 - Lesson 9 - Assignment 9 - CRE101 College Critical...

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CRE101 College Critical Reading Lesson 9 - Assignment 9 This assignment is worth 25 points. To move between questions, do not use the tab key. Doing so will highlight and delete text as you start typing. Instead, use your mouse to place the cursor where you need to type. Please make sure you have answered all questions prior to submitting. Once you click the submit button, you will not be able to return to this section. 1 of 1 Read Part 1 and Part 2 before you start your work on this assignment. Part 1. The objective for this assignment is to write a critical analysis of a television show by answering the assignment questions. Choose a prime time television show, or a repeat of one that was popular in prime time (but not a news show, reality show, game show, or documentary). Read the assignment questions before you watch the show. Watch the show for the "messages" described in this lesson. Then answer the following questions using critical thinking / reading skills. Part 2. Give specific examples for supporting your answers to Questions 2-5 by citing words, phrases, and images, and try to prove your point about the overall nature of the show. Please type your response below each question. Do not erase the question. Before you send your assignment, check your work against the Assignment Criteria in Appendix 2 . Can you answer "yes" to each question?
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1) What is the name and purpose of the show? --Answer below: This critical analysis is about a television show called The Simpsons. The purpose of this television show is the entertainment of its viewers. The adult-oriented, comedy cartoon has been successfully entertaining people for quite some time. While some shows have a commercial purpose by directly promoting specific products, The Simpsons entertain people and make money by gaining viewers which is often referred to as ratings. The higher the ratings are for the show, the more money that can be charged
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CRE101 - Lesson 9 - Assignment 9 - CRE101 College Critical...

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