CRE101 - Lesson 8 - Assignment 8

CRE101 - Lesson 8 - Assignment 8 - CRE101 College Critical...

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CRE101 College Critical Reading Lesson 8 - Assignment 8 This assignment is worth 25 points. To move between questions, do not use the tab key. Doing so will highlight and delete text as you start typing. Instead, use your mouse to place the cursor where you need to type. Please make sure you have answered all questions prior to submitting. Once you click the submit button, you will not be able to return to this section. 1 of 1 Read Part 1 and Part 2 in your answers. Part 1. Read the following directions and reflect on the key concepts in this lesson. Use your understanding of these concepts in your answers. FIND a total of six different examples of fallacies. You should submit only one of any kind of fallacy; do not submit two or more of one kind of fallacy. Include 3 examples of fallacies of relevance from the following list: ad hominem, quilt by association, genetic appeal, poisoning the well, authority, popularity, positioning, tradition, novelty, provincialism, emotional appeal, mob appeal , fear or force, division , humor/ridicule, two wrongs make a right, straw person or red herring. And, include 3 examples of fallacies of evidence from the following list: fallacies of statistical inference, fallacies of comparison, fallacies of causal reasoning, or unwarranted assumptions. Find these examples in letters to the editor in newspapers or magazines. (These are letters written by people in the general public, not professional columnists, etc.). You may search the following websites for examples for this assignment: You do not need to send me these articles. Instead, you need to include the title or headline, and copy the sentence or sentences that contain the fallacy and identify the fallacy you have found. This needs to be included in your answers to Part 2.
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Part 2 Answer the following questions and submit for grading. Each answer should be 4-6 sentences. Make sure you explain your analysis by writing "I think this is an example of a fallacy of ______, because" and then explain yourself. Please type your response below each question. Do not erase the question. Before you send your assignment, check your work against the Assignment Criteria
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CRE101 - Lesson 8 - Assignment 8 - CRE101 College Critical...

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