CRE101 Lesson 5 - Assn 5 Analysis Paper

CRE101 Lesson 5 - Assn 5 Analysis Paper - College Critical...

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CRE101 College Critical Reading Assignment 5 - Analysis Paper 1 This assignment is worth 50 points. Please make sure you have answered all questions prior to submitting. Once you click the submit button, you will not be able to return to this section. Read Part 1 and Part 2 before you work on this assignment. Part 1. The objectives for this assignment are for you to demonstrate application of the skills you have learned in Lessons 1-5 and for you to show your skills in a well written essay. SELECT a review or critique of a book, movie, or restaurant. You can find these easily in newspapers and magazines. (This should not be a summary of the story or of the food, etc. It should be a review of whether there is quality or not. This is an argument.) Part 2 Write the name of the review and the source of the review in your answers to Part 2. Include enough information so that your analysis is complete even without submitting the original review or critique. Analysis questions and tasks: o ANALYZE this argument by identifying and writing the conclusion, several support or premise statements, several signal words, purpose, assumptions, language use - denotation, connotation, and figurative language. o Identify one part of this argument/review that is primarily valid deductive reasoning and why. Is the support presented clearly and logically with a systematic connection to the conclusion? o Identify one part of this argument that is not valid. This would be where you found an error in the argument reasoning. Where is there a conclusion with insufficient support? What are the writer's obstacles to his or her thinking? o WRITE your analysis in a well written essay of 3-5 paragraphs and submit for grading. o
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CRE101 Lesson 5 - Assn 5 Analysis Paper - College Critical...

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