CRE101 - Lesson 1 - Assignment 1 - 09-4-10

CRE101 - Lesson 1 - Assignment 1 - 09-4-10 - CRE101...

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CRE101 Critical and Evaluative Reading I Lesson 1 - Assignment 1 This assignment is worth 25 points. To move between questions, do not use the tab key. Doing so will highlight and delete text as you start typing. Instead, use your mouse to place the cursor where you need to type. Please make sure you have answered all questions prior to submitting. Once submitted, you will not be able to return to this section. 1 of 1 Read Part 1 and Part 2 before you work on this assignment. Part 1. The objective for this assignment is for you to practice and demonstrate the reading skills in the lesson objectives. Read the assignment questions before you read the assigned essay. Read the news article on pages 40-41 in your textbook. While you are reading, try to identify the assumptions. Also, ask yourself the following question: How will I remember to ask the Critical Reading questions while I am reading this article? Part 2. Answer the questions in complete sentences and submit for grading. Your answer to each question should be approximately 4-5 sentences long. Please type your response below each question, do not erase the question. Before you send your assignment, check your work against the Assignment Criteria in Appendix 2 . Can you answer "yes" to each question? 1) Why is critical reading and thinking important?
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--Answer below: Critical reading and thinking are very important as they allow people to better understand the significance and cultural importance of a story. Throughout all of history, stories have been written and passed down between generations. A story can contain many different meanings and points that are subtly within the story. It is important to have the critical reading and thinking skills in order to understand the full meaning of a story. 2) What is the writer's purpose in writing this article? How do you know? (Note:
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CRE101 - Lesson 1 - Assignment 1 - 09-4-10 - CRE101...

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