HIS102 - Class 38912 - Lesson 5 Essay - Option A

HIS102 - Class 38912 - Lesson 5 Essay - Option A - Option A...

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Option A Letter to the Editor of the New York Times, I am writing you about my experiences and thoughts on the Great Reforms that took place in Russia under Tsar Alexander II. My name is Sergey and I was born on April 6, 1824. During my 60 years in this world, I have seen many changes in Russia. My family and I were serfs during the reigns of Tsar Nicholas I and Tsar Alexander II. Serfs like my family, friends, and me were members of the peasant class, and we were becoming more and more upset with the hardships we endured and the little return we received. All members of the peasant class were subject to conscription which was a great hardship on all of us. Before Alexander II was Tsar, military tours of 25 years were required. Oftentimes, we would have ceremonies, much like funerals, for our brothers that were leaving for their 25 years if military service. Alexander’s father, Nicholas I, spent much of his reign fighting for power in Eastern Europe in the Crimean War. Fortunately for me, injuries at birth kept me from being drafted, but I lost many friends serving their 25 years. Those of us that were not sent to the battlefield spent our days enduring back-breaking labor in the fields of the gentry that owned the lands on which we lived and owed our servitude. I never liked the fact that my family had lived on these lands for generations yet we held no ownership. When I was a young boy, Tsar Alexander I and the Russian government began to observe and acknowledge the reforms that were taking place throughout Europe. In much of Europe, serfdom had been eliminated. When Nicholas I died, he was succeeded by his son, Alexander II as Emperor of Russia. I was happy when Alexander became Tsar because he seemed like he was more concerned with the growth of the people of Russia rather than aspirations of power in Eastern Europe. I remember when he emancipated the serfs, freeing my
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family and me from a life of slavery.
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HIS102 - Class 38912 - Lesson 5 Essay - Option A - Option A...

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