POLI 133J - POLI 133J March 31, 2011 The Division and the...

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POLI 133J March 31, 2011 The Division and the Korean War; Overview of the ROK’s Development 1945- 2010 Lee, Jong-kul o 6 year term representative o Democratic Party o Strategy finance committee o Lawyers for democratic society o There are a lot of ex-North Koreans refugees and ex-South Koreans in either country. Should we expedite before those refugees die out for unification? o How is South Korea going to help with North Korean camps? o View on sunshine policy o Why are Korean students so competitive? Role of the government? o Partnered with qualcomm for 10 years with Samsung corporation; good history of symbolic corporation relationship with San Diego o Until 1970s North and South korea were similar in many aspects o North Korea lost a lot of its support pillars after Russia’s communism crumble and China head to capitalism o After the 90’s South Korea started to succeed toward rapid economic prosperity o US helped South Korea a lot o 20:1 individual income difference between south and north korea o Because north korea is becoming very behind, in cries for help and very defensive, trying to go towards using weapons o 10x more money for south korea in military; although north korea is using a lot of resources, it is still falling behind south korea o Kim dae joong – incarnated, advocate with north korea and improve relations with north korea o Still a lot of anti-communism in south Korean government; prevent help for North Korea o President dae joong always advocate him for North Korean relations; people in government against him and say he was sympathizing communism and was looked down on o President dae joong policy = sunshine policy = pro-north and south korea = reconcile, forever be his legacy o South Korean peninsula – under colonial control under japan 50 years, 5 years before by US occupation o Government had a lot of trouble because no structure; in that kind of climate, north korea had more efficient government than south korea o South korea = need lots of resources, Sung Man Rhee call for US help but US had pro- japan sentiments with; did not sit well with people who were oppressed o Due to last two presidents, we wonder if our governments have improved past where north korea was o Because of a politician willing to give up his life for rights, his passion helped improved
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POLI 133J - POLI 133J March 31, 2011 The Division and the...

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