Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health and Wellness - Isaiah Lee Mental Health &...

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Isaiah Lee Meghan Brown 04/10/2011 Response I believe that the woman portraying the victim is definitely being mistreated as a woman and as an African American. A wise man once told me when you are in a corner and your feeling trapped it is then you will find what you are made of you will either fight back or you will let the situation overtake you. One thing that I found amazing in this movie was the woman’s ability to cope and fight back. I would have thought like most African American woman she would have choose the plea like her friend did. After the many trials and tribulations she had with the D.A., and the town, and the police force. She didn’t go insane she didn’t lose her mind but yet she found the strength to deal with what was going on due to her kids or maybe she was just tired of being bullied. Just because she fought back didn’t mean that the fight was easy and it didn’t mean she wasn’t affected by it the different things that took place. Dee Roberts the 24 year old victim being accused of being a drug dealer has faced 21
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Mental Health and Wellness - Isaiah Lee Mental Health &...

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