SAFFRON - in the western world it is used more as a spice...

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Saffron Why is it expensive? The saffron crocus are the dried stigmas of the flower itself. Each flower only produces  three of these and the are so fragile that they have to be collected by hand. It's the  scarcity of saffron and it's labour-intensive harvesting that makes this spice so  expensive. About 14000 threads (dried stigmas) makes one ounce of saffron. Origins? Believed to have originated from Eastern Greece, Although thought that it was first produced in western or central Asia, but was disputed by botanical research. Medicinal Purposes? Saffron is given to reduce fevers, cramps and enlarged livers, to calm nerves. However
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Unformatted text preview: in the western world, it is used more as a spice. Can be natural tonic as well to build resistance to common diseases such as Asthma, or the common cold. Some uses for Saffron in the eastern world are, to treat acne and skin diseases, help gum pain, mixture of saffron and olive oil can help cure hurt muscles, etc. Where does it come from? Comes from a Crocus, which is from the iris family. Cultivated in Autumn/fall season. Where is it grown today? Saffron is harvested in Spain(Largest), Greece, India, Turkey, Iran(Largest)....
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